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Welcome to The Sleep Ambassador® website, a pathway to education, consulting services and resources to optimize Sleep Wellness. Sleep is integral to health, performance, productivity, safety and well-being. To LIVE WELL you must SLEEP WELL.

As The Sleep Ambassador®, Nancy H. Rothstein, MBA, is on a quest to raise awareness, educate and provide strategies to optimize sleep. As the Director of Corporate Sleep Programs at CIRCADIAN®, Nancy is a leader in bringing customized consulting services and research-based solutions to address the issue of Sleep Wellness for all levels of a corporation or organization’s workforce. With an MBA and decades of experience in the corporate and financial sectors, Nancy recognizes that insufficient sleep is a risk management issue requiring the attention of corporate management to optimize their workforce. In addition, Nancy consults to schools, universities, athletic teams and individuals to integrate sleep wellness as a critical component of health, learning and performance. Nancy also teaches a groundbreaking NYU online sleep course, guiding participants to enhance their sleep and lives.

Nancy’s compelling presentations and keynotes offer a foundation to inform and empower people to improve the quality and quantity of their sleep, as well as to encourage people to seek appropriate medical care if a sleep disorder is suspected. Nancy collaborates with recognized medical experts, researchers and leaders in the field of sleep. Nancy will provide you and your business with optimal sleep related resources, services and products. She welcomes all inquiries to assist you and your organization on the road to Sleep Wellness. Please enjoy learning more about Nancy H. Rothstein, MBA, The Sleep Ambassador®and her services, customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Wishing you restful sleep, sweet dreams and happy days.




My Daddy Snores
Inspired by personal experience, Nancy H. Rothstein wrote My Daddy Snores, a children’s book published by Scholastic Inc. The book has sold over 400,000 copies, indicative of the enormity of sleep issues. This family friendly companion website offers viewers comprehensive resources about sleep.
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The Sleep Radio Show®
In spring 2008, Nancy H. Rothstein created an Internet radio show, The Sleep Radio Show®, dedicated to the subject of sleep. As host, Rothstein’s guests include both experts in the field of her sleep and real people with sleep issues. All shows are archived and  downloadable, and also available on iTunes.
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In the News

Making a Business Case for Bedtime
According to the Wall Street Journal, it turns out a good night’s rest is good for business. One-third of American workers aren’t sleeping enough to function at peak levels, and that chronic exhaustion is costing billions of dollars in lost productivity, according to researchers from Harvard Medical School.
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